The creator

Ylena Mantovani, fashion designer graduate in Bologna and web master certificates in her pocket, confesses: “I learned a lot especially in the field, in practice, and I stole a bit of art and craft from some long-experienced creatives and craftsmen who supported in my training”.

Ylena Mantovani takes care of the entire creative and production process, from the conception to the execution of the first sample. She is therefore also an artisan: she cuts, sews, revisits, elaborates, modifies and invents accessories and creations, even personalized ones. He likes to define his style as “eclectic” as it ranges from street style lines to much more sophisticated and elegant lines often enriched with precious workmanship, using contrasting colors, prints or embroideries. She often creates her accessories by assembling different kinds of materials playing with colors, trying to give an unmistakable touch that is missing from the individual who claims that she is not ordinary.